The Five Cousins is a unique platform where you can virtually tour a city or a region in real-time while being led by our exemplar team of Local Cousins (experts). Besides, you will meet fellow travelers from all around the world to share in the experience with. Moreover, you will have the chance to ask your Local Cousin all the questions you wish, to bring that in-person experience to life!

Gabo walking La Rambla in Barcelona and soaking in the Mediterranean breeze.

Picture yourself walking the streets of Buenos Aires. Discover the majestically imposing castle, lording above Český Krumlov. Or explore the lost pathways of Retiro Park in Madrid. All this, from the safety of your living room, removing the inconvenience of bad weather, long queues, lack of public W.C.’s, crowded streets, but with all the treats your snack bowl holds.

Allow our specialists to share stories and legends from the not so distant past. Listen to traditions and local insights, while we reveal the hidden secrets behind your chosen city.

Fredy enjoying the peace and the views of the Alps in Austria.

In conclusion, “The Five Cousins” consider that everyone should be able to travel the world. No matter the circumstances. Therefore, we’re happy to provide you with a new alternative in tourism, and a perfect excuse to keep on traveling.  

Stefi showing her friends how to take the “picture-perfect” in Torres del Paine.



Since reading Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne at the age of six, Gabo has wanted to follow in his hero Phileas Fogg’s footsteps. His first taste of travel was at 17, when he hitchhiked to Patagonia and was overwhelmed by the nature and landscapes of his homeland of Argentina. His colourful career has included being a theatre actor, rock ’n’ roll band manager, master of reiki, and even a chartered public accountant. In 2011, he spent a year working in New Zealand before taking in 94 countries in a two-year epic adventure around the world.

He works as a tour guide since 2014 and hasn’t looked back. His infectious passion for travel with everyone who roams with him, granted the award of one of the top 10 tour leaders in the world in 2018.


Originally from Valladolid, Spain. He studied tourism in Segovia and Jerez de la Frontera and right after finishing his degree, Fredy went to Thailand where he spent 5 months volunteering and traveling around the country. He fell in love with new cultures, new people and new places. After that, he lived in several different countries around the world: USA, South Africa, Sicily (Italy), China and he traveled as much as he could. He worked as a teacher in Chicago for 3 years where he taught children from 3 to 12 years. In 2014 he started his career as a tour guide. It is his passion to share his knowledge about the places and cities with travelers. From this point of view, he never stopped traveling.

Due to the Covid-19 situation and with his friends and co-workers, he decided to start this
new project with the main idea that everyone should see the world no matter the


From the heart of the old continent – Slovakia. Stefi was born during the communist times in former Czechoslovakia – but she doesn’t remember a thing from those times.

She graduated from the University of Economics where she studied International Business. Luckily, she got into tourism and very quickly got addicted. No day is the same. After years of working in hotels and in an online reservation booking company, she started to work as a tour leader – her dream job. She absolutely loves making the holiday time of her travellers the best time of their lives. Stefi used to live in several countries: Poland, Spain, Andorra, Singapore, Argentina, … But it doesn’t really matter where she is, because she lives in her “Happy Bubble World”. Are you curious already? Sign up for one of her Virtual Tours with The Five Cousins.