Naples and Amalfi

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Come and explore with us the city where the most loved food in the world was born – pizza! City of sun and 7 castles – Naples. People from around the world tend to avoid visiting this pearl because of the bad reputation it has from the past. Let us correct your idea.

We will briefly stop in Pompei, vulcano – Mount Vesuvius, eye-taste limoncello and sweets from the area, visit Sorrento and luxurious island – Capri.

Apparently driving along Amalfi coast is the best test before getting married. People say that if you survive that without separation, that you are ready for everything the life has prepared for you. We will not drive you around but we take you to the charming small towns and hike the cliffs and The path of the Gods.

Price: 10€
Duration: 70 min approx.
Language: English

ENG16th MaySunday5PM (NYC) / 11PM (Berlin)
* Please pay attention to your time zone. We are only stating the time on the EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and the CET (Central European Time).