Why are there no Stop signs in the streets of Paris? Sign up to find out.


When it comes to the city of love, we all know its famous landmarks, beautiful gardens and impressive museums. But did you know that in Paris there is one man in charge of counting trees every year? Did you know that the army of Paris is still using carrier pigeons in war? Or why the famous Mona Lisa is called that way? Is there any relation between the Louvre and the Holy Chalice? Is there a beach at the river banks of the Seine? Or maybe a Statue of Liberty like in New York City? Was the Bloody Mary cocktail invented in Paris? Is there a vineyard in the heart of the city?

Join us in this fantastic adventure in real time where we will visit all the landmarks of the city of lights, and find out the answers to all of these questions and way much more secrets to be revealed!

Price: 10€
Duration: 70 min approx.
Language: English

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